Sequel LIFT Desks

Standing is the new Sitting

For several years now, there has been much talk around the health hazards of sitting all day, everyday. As a result, standing, or better yet, convertible sit-stand desks have hit the market. Not all standing desks are created equal, however.  The BDI Sequel collection has recently introduced an extraordinary sit-stand desk that will enhance any office environment, be it corporate, home and everything in between. Read on for more info.

lift® desks

BDI’s office collections have already set the bar for incredibly efficient, sleek and tidy work stations. 

 In their words:

Everyone needs a workspace that is comfortable and inviting, and if it can be beautifully designed and neatly organized that’s even better.



With the addition of the new LIFT series, a height adjustable desk completely controlled with a one-touch programmable keypad, they have officially revolutionized the work space.


Featuring durable tempered glass tops, integrated cable management and available in multiple finishes, your colleagues and employees don’t have to sacrifice style for health. BDI’S LIFT desks bring you the best of all worlds. 

 In their words:

Designed with an emphasis on

ergonomics and organization,

BDI’s office furniture is

engineered to integrate today’s

office technology while offering

the ultimate in style, function and




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