Sequel Lifestyle Office - BDI

Going Green with BDI

At Chairs101 and Industrial Revolution, we have been making every effort to source products with strong green initiatives and a commitment to environmental sustainability.  Our partnership with BDI and their revolutionary office lines is a testament to this. Read on for BDI CEO Bill Becker’s statement on their green initiatives, and contact us for more information on how to acquire these incredible products in your corporate office.

“We believe in minimizing our company’s and our product’s impact on the environment. We are committed to reducing our energy usage, even while increasing our productivity; recycling materials; and working with our manufacturing facilities worldwide to take a green focus in all phases of operation. Wherever applicable, we strive to ensure that sustainable practices are in place.

We have reduced the packaging required for our products and have moved towards environmentally safe packaging. We have eliminated most Styrofoam in favor of recycled and recyclable materials. All BDI products are compliant with the California Air Resource Board’s regulations for acceptable formaldehyde levels in furniture substrates.

BDI is committed to this ongoing effort to address the global challenges of sustainability.”

Bill Becker
CEO & Design Director